Welcome to East Coast Bail Bonds, LLC. If you are here, that means a family member or a loved one is in a tough situation. You can count on East Coast BB to help guide you through the bail bond and legal system. We can secure the release of your loved one so they don’t have to spend a minute more in a very unfriendly place. Our experienced team of bail bondsman are knowledgeable of the Summit County and Stark County legal systems. If the judge has set an unfair amount of bail that you can’t afford, East Coast Bail Bonds will bond you out and set you up with a convenient payment plan. Don’t wait another minute, call us today!

Canton & Akron Ohio Bail Bonds

  • Bail Bondsman

    Bail Bondsman

    Local Bail Bondsman are ready to post a surety bail bond to get you released quickly. Our bondsman's knowledge of the Summit County court system come from years of experience.

  • Summit & Stark Jail

    Summit & Stark Jail

    We have spent years working with the Summit & Stark County Jail to help to get people released as quick as possible. Posting bail quickly is imperative so you can take the legal ground to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

  • Surety Bail Bonds

    Surety Bail Bonds

    Surety Bail Bonds are a financial guarantee the defendant will show up for their upcoming hearings. You get the financial backing of a reputable insurance company that will put their trust in you.

Why get a bail bond?
Bail bonds provide for your immediate release from the unfair American justice system. The average citizen cannot afford unfair high bail amounts set by the court.


  • After a bad breakup my girlfriend called the police and stated I hit her. I have NEVER hit a woman! Regardless I was arrested and changed with Domestic Battery. I needed to be at work so my friend called Adrianna at East Coast Bail Bonds. I was able to get out and make it to work on time. Eventually all charges were dropped but I had to get out to prove my innocence. Thank you very much ECBB!!!

    Max Carpenter   |   Akron, OH
  • My husband was pulled over after his class reunion in 2018. He made the mistake of driving after having a few too many drinks but should not have been charged with 5 other charges b/c of who was with him. Adrianna explained the bail bond process and got my husband out of jail in time for work and before I had to explain to the kids where daddy was. I hope we won't need another bond, but if we do, we will definitely call East Coast in Akron OH!

    Erin D.   |   Akron, OH
  • We met Austin at the Summit county courthouse. The bail bond was set way above what we were expecting. Austin went over and beyond helping us post bail that day. 10 stars for Austin and their bail company!

    Michaela Taylor   |   Akron, OH
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